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Features Of A Grammar School

If one is planning on sending their child to a grammar school, they need to know about it. Before making the final decision, one should consider all the features of a Grammar school. Then need to know all about Grammar Schools. A grammar school used to be traditionally for those of rich families who are going to send their children on to receive higher education. And Secondary Schools were for those sending their children straight to trade jobs right after their graduation. But now, Grammar schools accept bright pupils from any background so as long as they are bright. These are all the features of a grammar school: • Government School Funding: Like a secondary school, a grammar school receives government funding too. A secondary school uses its government funding to improve its technology and basic facilities. Grammar schools, on the other hand, use their government funding to provide academic or for their students. It is to make sure that all students receive them and have a good chance at getting a good education and admission into a great college. All their students receive these academic resources, regardless of their family's income and background. • The Limited Seats Of A Grammar School: Grammar Schools are very few in number as compared to secondary schools. This is because a law was passed by the Labour government in 1998 that banned any new Grammar school from being built. This is due to the fact that some people believed that Grammar Schools do not promote equal chances for all students with regards to admissions. They believe that a child with more facilities may get admission when others won't. For example, a child would perform better in their eleven plus exam if they were given tuition classes. • Intense Competition Among Students: The Limited number of Grammar schools and the limited number of seats in a Grammar school has caused there to be even lesser seats available. This has caused there to be intense competition among students to secure seats for themselves at a Grammar school. • Admissions Into A Grammar School: In order to get admission into a Grammar school, one needs to take the eleven plus exam. The eleven plus exam is given at the end of primary schooling. These eleven plus exam subjects consist of Numerical Reasoning (maths), English Comprehension, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Punctuation, and Creative Writing. One must score well in their eleven plus exam to secure admissions at a Grammar School. If one is judged to be able to adapt to the environment of a Grammar school based on their eleven plus exam, they get admitted to the grammar school.