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Satellite view of the course with the path of the race highlighted in blue
Elevation profile of the buggy course
The buggy course runs on public roads through and behind Carnegie Mellon's campus in Schenely Park. It starts at the intersection of Margaret Morrison and Tech St near Margaret Morrison Hall, loops around Flagstaff hill turning right, and finishes at the intersection of Tech St and Frew St. The race is approximately .8 miles long with a total elevation gain of approximately 85 feet, although the net elevation gain is only 24 feet.

The course is broken into 6 segments: 2 uphill legs followed by a long downhill stretch and then 3 more uphill legs.

Length Elevation
Course hill1.png Hill 1 365 ft
+45 ft 1-2 trans
+27 ft
Course hill2.png Hill 2 211 ft
+45 ft 1-2 trans
then -3:
net 0
Course freeroll.png Freeroll -62 ft
then +10 ft:
net -52 ft
Course chute.png Chute ~ net 0
Course hill3.png Hill 3 223 ft
+45 ft 3-4 trans
+20 ft
Course hill4.png Hill 4 404 ft
+45 ft 3-4 trans
+45 ft 4-5 trans
+20 ft
Course hill5.png Hill 5 544 ft
+45 ft 4-5 trans
+9 ft

The course is officially defined in Section 5 of the rules.