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Our reference section is a wiki-style repository of information about buggy for both participants and fans. Everyone on this site knows something about buggy that could help future participants and potential fans. Take a moment and add or improve a page. This is brand new, so there is plenty of room for improvement, dig in!

Main Sections



The reference section depends on everyone's contributions to be comprehensive and helpful. Fix one fact or write a whole page, anything you add is awesome. Here are some places to start:

Existing pages most in need of improvement

What belongs in the reference section

  • Descriptions of buggy events or traditions
  • Definitions of key buggy terms
  • Things that would be helpful to new teams
  • Things that would be helpful to new buggy fans

What does not belong in the reference section

(basically things that belong in other sections of the site)

  • Conversations, debates, and opinions. If it's on topic, use the Talk page for the relevant topic. Generally though, the forum is probably your best bet
  • History. That's what the history section is for! Documenting specific teams, races, and buggies should be done in the history section so that it fills out the database in a searchable, linkable sort of way.